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Perfume set- ferragamo incanto shine

lotion 150ml incanto shine (full size)
miniature incanto shine 5ml edt
buy set- RM104 only
* available 2 set only*

Perfume set- Estee Lauder Sensuous

lotion 100ml estee lauder sensuous (full size)
miniature estee lauder sensuous 4ml edp (spray)
buy set- RM89 only
* available  5 set only*

Perfume set- Pretty by Elizebeth Arden

lotion 100ml pretty elizebeth arden (full size)
miniature pretty elizebeth arden  10ml (spray)
buy set- RM99 only
* available  5 set only*

CK Euphoria  edp mini perfume set with exclusive clutch
inclusive :
-Eau De Parfum rollerball 10ml
-Sensual Skin Body Lotion 30ml
-Sensual Shower Bath 30ml
-Exclusive Maroon Dinner Clutch

Worth : RM150.00
2 x set only

Davidoff Cool water (W) 15ml- spray 
davidoff coolwater lotion 50ml

buy set- RM80 only
6 x set only


Perfume set- Burberry London for Men 

shower  gel 50 ml
burberry london 50ml edt (medium size) 
with exclusive box
buy set- RM174only
* available 1 set only*

Perfume set- hugo boss orange man

shower gel  50ml (mini size) 
vial boss orange man
buy set- RM39  only
* available  5 set only*

Giorgio Armani Code (M) EDT 5ml
Giorgio Armani Code Shower Gel (M) 50ml

 Buy set :RM59only
3 x set only

 Gucci by gucci sport edt 5ml
Gucci by gucci sport shower gel 50ml

buy set- RM69 only
3 x set only

Sean John Unforgivable Shower Gel (M) 60ml
Unforgivable By Sean John EDT (M) 15ml (spray) 
Buy set :RM79 only
5 x set only

Versace Pour Homme mini Perfume Set
Perfume 5ml Edt
Hair & Body Shampool 25ml
After Shave balm 25ml
Exclusive Box

1 x set only


 Chloe EDP set A
perfume miniature edp 5ml
Body cream 15 ml
Shower gel 30ml
vial edp 1.2ml spray 

buy set- RM104  only
* available  3 set only*

Calvin Klein Euphoria (W) EDP 15ml (spray)
CK Euphoria Sensual Skin Lotion (W) 30ml 

buy set- RM74  only
* available  3 set only*

 dkny be delicious 7ml edp
lotion dkny be delicious 50ml 

buy set- RM83 only
* available  5 set only*

Davidoff Cool Water Wave (W) EDT 5ml
Davidoff Cool Water Wave shower Breeze (W) 50ml
buy set- RM64 only
* available  3 set only*

D&G Fragrance Anthology Vials Set - Cute Pouch 

Come with a cute pouch bag that is irresistible!

1 - Le Bateleur,
3 - L'imperatrice,
6 - L'amoureux,
10 - La Roue De La Fortune,
18 - La Lune

RM 54 only

Sarah Jessica Parker COVET edp 5ml (dab on)  
Sarah Jessica Parker COVET body lotion

buy set- RM69 only
* available  3 set only*

Vanitas by Versace Miniature Gift Set
-Miniature 4.5ml EDP
-Vanity Shower Gel 25ml
-Vanity Body Lotion 25ml
-Nice box

buy set- RM79  only
* available  3 set only*

Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani (M) EDT 5ml
Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Shower Gel (M) 50ml

buy set- RM59 only
* available  5 set only*